December 2017  
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11:00 AM
James & I will be visiting to see our Grandson baptized.
6:00 PM
James & I will be at Central for their Christmas Program


James & Dana Vacation for Christmas Holidays


James & Dana Vacation for Christmas Holidays


James & Dana Vacation for Christmas Holidays


James & Dana Vacation for Christmas Holidays


Christmas Holidays
Bible Search
Church Catalyst Staff Position

Top O’ Texas Baptist Associations

Church Catalyst Staff Position:

Goal: To plant multiple Multi Ethnic Churches in the Top O’ Texas Baptist Association with primary focus given to the Hispanic Community.
Comment: The ethnic make-up of the Top O’ Texas Baptist Association is no longer made from a majority of Anglo families. We see a large influx of Hispanic families in 13 of the 16 counties that make up the Top O’ Texas Baptist Association. We have 10 Hispanic Southern Baptist Churches in our Association. Even if we were to plant 30 to 35 more Hispanic Churches we would be far behind what is needed to reach this part of our Mission Field. The field is truly white unto harvest.

A plan: Our Search Committee would look for a man who is called as a Church Catalyst (A Church Catalyst is a person who works in areas that are open to the gospel, wish to study the Bible, begin meeting and adding like-minded people to the group. In time they begin meeting as a Church Plant and this Church Catalyst under the guidance of the Holy Spirit helps to develop the called out ones to take leadership of the Church Plant.) who would come to plant Churches in the Top O’ Texas Association area for a contracted period of three years. His job would be to work in concert with the Director of Missions and Pastors in each of the targeted areas.


Time Frame: I would like to see the Association save back two years’ worth of salary, moving expenses and Church Planting Operating Capital. This amounts to a little over $118,000.00 dollars. The search committee would be in place to finalize details and what we need to look for in a Church Catalyst Position. To date $73,000.00 has been given for the Church Catalyst Position. While this is part of a confirmation that we are going in the right direction, it is obvious that many see the need we are addressing as an Association.

Church Planting Locations: Our DOM and Church Catalyst will perform a study with these four things in mind.

1st The need for a Church plant in that specific area. (Numbers of Churches and Hispanics in that area will be relevant)

2nd The support of the existing pastor and the Church in that area. This is not based on the financial support of this Church but based on the need.

3rd Extensive study and prayer and the Lord’s Leadership.

4th  Study done through “Percept Group” to look at the population, racial and ethnic growth along with faith receptivity.

Budget:  We will pay a salary of $4,000.00 per month. A car allowance of $5,085.00 per year by way of an allowance through the IRS for that year of 56.5 cents per mile. That equals 9,000 miles per year. He will be paid twice a month after the mileage papers are filled out and turned into the office. We want to provide up to $2,500.00 moving expense designed to cover turning on of utilities and the family moving expenses in the most economical way. We also want to buy with a one time gift a lap top. $1,000.00

New Work Budget: We will provide a budget of $4,000.00 a year for a work phone and internet, materials for Church planting and training, plus materials for new converts. He will not have an office, but will work from his home and car. We will budget for the new work starts thru our Extending Task Force and the first year will be transitional and these costs will be planned out by our Church planting strategy. Budgets will be worked thru our Director of Missions and voted on by the Association thru the Executive Board. Monthly updates will be provided to the Administrative Team.

Salary 48,000.00 yr.  $48,000.00 / 12 = 4,000.00                     $4000.00 per month

Car Allowance 5,085.00 yr. $5,085.00 / 12 = $423.75             $  423.75 per month

One time moving expense, 2,500.00 (Treasure will disburse funds and balance with receipts.) Phone, internet, Church planting materials, training materials for new converts $4,000.00 (Treasure will reimburse with receipts.)

Supervision: The Director of Missions will supervise the Church Catalyst and his work. Our mission is to plant Churches and build the Kingdom. Our ultimate goal is to create multiple Hispanic Churches while changing lives. The DOM will supervise and make suggestions based on his knowledge in Church Planting trying to keep restrictions to doing the job at a minimum. 

(Remember this is a working document through the DOM and TOTBA Search Committee)